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Undergraduate Programs

NEU OED offers bachelor's degree programs that aim to produce globally competitive graduates who will be professionally competent, morally upright, and socially responsible contributors to national development. We offer online education college degrees in different fields, such as Information Technology (IT), Business, and Arts and Sciences.

BSBA-Financial Management

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree program in Finance is designed for students who are either employed in or plan to enter banking or finance industry.

BSBA- Human Resource Development Management

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Human Resource Development Management (BSBA – HRDM) is a four-year business program in the Philippines will prepare you for a career in Human Resource Management (HRM) in various organizations and businesses.

BSBA- Marketing Management

The BSBA in Marketing Management is a four-year program designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills effective for marketing and sales strategies; how a company determines what product or service to sell, how customers and markets are delineated into target demographics and the methods of reaching them.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Search Results Featured snippet from the web The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (AB PolSci) is a four-year degree program that centers on the study of the types of government, the history and forms of political institutions, political behavior, and political policies.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Search Results Featured snippet from the web BA in Communications. The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree program in Communications prepares adults for career change, advancement or graduate education, while providing personal enrichment.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Search Results Featured snippet from the web The BS in Computer Science is a four-year degree program that focuses on the study of computer algorithms and its implementation through computer software and hardware. The program equips students with basic topics on illustration, web design, animation, technical drafting, and computer programming.


Graduate Programs

NEU OED provides online master’s courses to professionals who want to increase their knowledge and market value without having to resign from their job. We offer a selection of online master’s degree programs in the Philippines, such as Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and Master in Education, Major in Educational Management (MAED).

Master in Education, Major in Educational Management

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Master of Business Administration

The MBA program has been designed to provide the student with a knowledge of the principles that are fundamental to the operation of all business organizations, as well as advanced technical knowledge in a specialized field. Specializations are provided for students who desire a concentrated area of study related to their career or career objectives. The specialization courses focused in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Certificate Program in Teaching (FOR LET)
A non-degree program that provides knowledge in basic professional education courses. The program includes topics in the principles of the teaching profession, educational technologies, techniques of teaching as well as the measurement, evaluation and practicum in managing and monitoring student learning.

Integrated School

NEU Integrated School Online helps exceptional students learn anywhere at anytime in a virtual environment. The Integrated School offers pre-school, primary, and secondary education.


Technology has become an integral part of daily life, and in response, elementary schools are incorporating it heavily into their curriculum. Beyond interacting with technology in traditional classrooms, elementary students now have the opportunity to explore online learning. Online elementary schools aren't only for students transitioning to homeschooling; many elementary students enroll in online schools to supplement their reading, math, and writing classes, or even temporarily when ill or injured. The flexibility of an online education allows students a new way to learn from home, and provides a background in technology that can carry them through the rest of their education.

High School

Starting high school marks a time when most students feel a sense of, "I've made it." This is the turning point in their education where they build on previously learned theories, concepts, and processes, and begin to draw their own conclusions and chart a course for their future. In high school, students begin to identify the curriculum that interests them. To build that groundwork and nurture those passions, your student needs an environment that will foster hands-on, exploratory, and creative learning in a setting that prioritizes their individual learning style.

Senior High School(GAS STRAND)

The General Academic Strand is ideal for students who are more inclined to general areas of study rather than specialized fields. This strand offers subjects such as Humanities, Social Sciences, Applied Economics, and Disaster Preparedness.

Virtual Learning
Environment (VLE)


Students from Abroad


Features of the Online Classroom

The Following are features of the Online Classroom

Learning Management System

10,000 books and more from Wiley Plus

Online World

Mobile App for independent student productivity

Video streaming lectures
and discussions

Forum for a collaborative discussion

Personal Chat for Teacher and Student communication

Teacher and Student Monitoring and Evaluation

Time elapsed quiz and examination


Admission Requirements

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